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Supplier Management
  • 01Supplier Data

    Supplier files

    Integration of three certificates into one

    Legal person certificate

  • 02Supplier Performance

    Quality level

    Price level

    Availability rate

    Quotation rate

  • 03Supply Capability Management

    Supply list

    Supplier specialization

    After-sale service

  • 04Exception Handling

    Frozen supplier & stopinquiry

    Order/Invoice/Payment freeze

    Supplier level drops

  • 05Statistical Analysis

    Internal statistical check

    Supplier assessment and analysis

    Total number of orders

    Amount of cooperation

    Order exception quantity

  • 06Supplier Coordination

    Complementarity of resource

    Complementarity of information

Development of Suppliers
  • Supplier Registration

  • Supplier investigation

  • Supplier visit

  • Supplier selection

  • Supplier Code Establishment

  • Supplier Access

Evaluation of Supplier
  • Professional Ability
  • Price & Channer Ability
  • Supply Efficiency Ability
  • Service Team Ability
  • Quality Ability
Supplier Level Management
  • Original factories Agents
  • Supplier level1
  • Supplier level2
  • Supplier level3
  • Noncooperation supplier
Supplier Development Management
  • Seek suppplier
  • Assess
  • Select
  • Check
  • Maintain relationship
  • Match level

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